Just a little Brown Sugar…

Brown Sugar: Soul Food Desserts from Family and Friends

No, this is not about the popular D’Angelo song from a few years back or the popular movie from last year. It’s about the new cookbook from Joyce White entitled “Brown Sugar: Soul Food Desserts from Family and Friends” which is the sequel to “Soul Food: Recipes & Reflections from African-American Churches” which was published five years ago. White definitely does her homework and even if you have never baked before, her instructions are clear enough to make you a success. Her recipes are gathered from urban and rural home cooks, church groups and her wide circle of friends. Just the cover is enough to make you hungry. Thanks Dre!!
Read more about Joyce White and “Brown Sugar” in the SF Chronicle article, “Old-fashioned desserts with soul

7 thoughts on “Just a little Brown Sugar…

  1. Oh, I am getting that cookbook!!
    And I’m listening to McCoy Tyner Plays John Coltrane. It’s blowing me away. I’m destroyed. Talk amongst yourselves.

  2. Mmm hmm… ’bout time I got some credit (snerk).
    What was the name of that other dessert cookbook you have? The one with the church/get-together/social tie ins? With all the anecdotes, et al… posting, please!

  3. Wait, you promised someone cookies?!?!? What about some poundcake for me then, you lovely-dear-to-my-heart-culinarily-talented-most-fun Uncle?

  4. Thanks for the wonderful comments about my books, “Brown Sugar” and “Soul Food.”
    Both books connected me with my family and friends, and our history–an immense pleasure.
    And your appreciaton of my efforts is heartwarming.
    Love and Peace,
    Joyce White

  5. The site is looking good…outstanding job on the look and and feel. I will have to check out that K-Mart e-bay site. Great heads up. Thanks,

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