Have you been to Blackberry Bistro yet?

This has been a very restful day after having a fairly busy weekend. I stopped by Blackberry Bistro for lunch and had a wonderful burger and fries. It opened about 3 months ago and I have been there several times for breakfast and have never been disappointed. Their menu is eclectic comfort food and you do not want to miss out on their biscuits. Chef/Co-Owner Robert Dorsey III prepares all the wonderful dishes while co-owner Sherrie Sparks handles the business end of the restaurant. Blackberry Bistro is located on a cozy corner at 4240 Park Boulevard in the Glenview district of Oakland and is open for breakfast and lunch, Tuesday thru Sunday. There is a great write-up on the restaurant in the Montclarion newspaper.

If you are wondering how this remotely relates to music, Robert had The Best of the Gap Band playing while I was there which made it even more relaxing. Hey, that could be a flashback one day. :)

3 thoughts on “Have you been to Blackberry Bistro yet?

  1. Oh wow, I think(I absolutely don’t know my Oakland geography)that must be almost next door to my cousin’s home. We’ll be there this Friday, I’ll have to try it.

  2. Speaking of heavanly food, Dear Uncle, I would like to invite you to congradulate the Grand Prize Winner of the family BBQ contest who won with her stunningly delicate oriental marinade. I’d also like to inform you that (as you well know) females can too BBQ!! ;) Luv you much!

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