Dessert Goodness…

Desert Goodness

Cakes Galore, originally uploaded by in2jazz.

I know you have been waiting and wondering when I would post the photos from last year’s Festival of Desserts. Click on the Cakes Galore link or the photo above to see more desserts. I used Flickr to create the photo album for this baked goodness. In addition scrumptious chicken and ham, we enjoyed the following desserts:

I ran short of time so I was unable to make the cheesecake and red velvet cake. I made the cinnamon rolls a couple weeks after the festival and they were great. Special thanks to CW, JS, & JS for the ham, chicken, and coffee. Also, thanks to everyone who took photos and sent them to me.

3 thoughts on “Dessert Goodness…

  1. Man we could NOT hang out… You would make me hurt my damn self!
    *whispering* So when are you inviting me over for dinner. lol

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