Bacon Cheeseburger & Fries @ Burger Meister

Burger Meister, originally uploaded by in2jazz.

A guilty pleasure but I do not put a pound of cholesterol in my arteries too often. The bacon cheeseburger here is very tasty. The shake are great here but I was good and did not have one this day.

Three Crispy Steak Tacos @ Cactus Taqueria

Three Crispy Steak Tacos, originally uploaded by in2jazz.

Here we have my guilty pleasure at Cactus Taqueria – three crispy steak tacos. I have ordered these or the crispy chicken tacos so many times that I have asked “have you tried anything else on the menu?” I guess I am a creature of habit.

Chocolate Pound Cake

Chocolate Pound Cake, originally uploaded by in2jazz.

This chocolate pound cake was an experiment from last summer. It turned very well and I added a dusting of powdered sugar. The next cake that I will experiment with is a chocolate tunnel cake. I have made the cake successfully once but have had a couple of failures with it as well. Stay tuned!