Petersen Ice Cream

Petersen Ice Cream

Long before Fenton’s Ice Creamery in Oakland ruled my world, there was Petersen Ice Cream on Chicago Avenue in Oak Park, Illinois. I took this photo recently on an early morning drive from the airport through Oak Park. I lived here for nine years before I moved to California in 1998. I remember I became fascinated with Oak Park when I took the “el” train to see the movie “Reds” in early 80′s with friends at the Lake Theater. I knew then that I wanted to live there. Five or six years later, I made my move and I loved it. Oak Park will always hold a special place in my heart.

Haight Street Photo Stroll

james1, originally uploaded by sfopanda.

A great, cloudy, misty Sunday afternoon with my photography friend, Dave (sfopanda), on Haight Street in San Francisco. The sights are truly endless. I must go back there again on a bright, sunny day.

You can see my Haight Street Photo Stroll photoset, here and Dave’s photoset, here. It is was interesting to see the differences and similarities in our photo perspectives.

Spring is here…

Calalily, originally uploaded by in2jazz.

Just a few calalilies to celebrate the coming of Spring. You are probably saying WOW because I posted two entries in the same month and even in the same week. Just trying to blow dust bunnies away and do a little spring cleaning….lol!
Between both sites, this is my 500th blog entry. Woo hoo!

When a photographer dreams….

When a photographer dreams…., originally uploaded by in2jazz.

It was just that kind of evening. I was taking a break in Yerba Buena Park in San Francisco. I had been shooting photos at the Chinese New Year Parade and Flickr 333 Party. Toss in the fact that I was also hungry and it makes for one tired man. I love this photo.

Looking all around

Looking all around, originally uploaded by in2jazz.

I like this photo because it gives the two perspectives of looking in the rear view mirror and look forward. The image in the rear view mirror looks like it is bursting out of the background.

Armed and ready to shoot

master at work 2, originally uploaded by dralion64.

In between baking and writing about music, my other passion is photography. My good friend, J.S., recently captured me shooting while we were walking about Alameda. I got my first digital SLR camera earlier this year and I love it. It is a Nikon D50 and no, I have not given it a name, yet. What I find most amazing is the ability to control how the photo will look. I still have much to learn about my camera especially adjusting the settings for various light but I am having a great time.

Puppy Love

Puppies, originally uploaded by in2jazz.

These two very happy puppies were sitting in the front seat of a car while I was out walking. I looked in at them and they jumped up to greet me. The sunroof was cracked so they were getting air. They were very adorable.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit, originally uploaded by in2jazz.

I really like this photo.

I used flickr toys to combine these photo together in this mosaic. I took these photos on Saturday at the farmer’s market in Oakland. It definitely brightens up the rainy days we have been having lately. Bring on the sun!

A splash of color

Kayaks, originally uploaded by in2jazz.

This is another photo from my photo adventure on Sunday. I originally took this shot with my camera set on the auto settings. The colors were a little pale because of the reflection of the sun. I learned by underexposing this same shot, it made the colors more brilliant as you see here. Fun stuff!