Holiday Baking List 2022

lime cream cheese pound cake

Holiday baking season is here!!!!

If you would like to place an order, please email me at


Please allow 3-5 days in advance for all orders.

Orders for Christmas must be placed no later than Friday, 12/16/2022

Orders need to paid for in advance of pickup. I accept Cash App and Venmo.

Featured Desserts

McNannygocious Pound Cake – $40 (a jewel of a cream cheese pound with rich flavor!) (Half cake – $20)

Lime Cream Cheese Pound Cake – $40 (Half cake – $20)

7 Up Cake – $40 (half cake $20)

Eggnog Pound Cake – $40

Classic Rum Cake – $45

Eggnog Rum Cake – $45

Chocolate Eggnog Rum Cake $50

Lunchroom Butter Cookies 6 for $18 / a baker’s dozen for $36

Chocolate Chip Cookies – 6 for $18 / a baker’s dozen for $36

Let the baking begin…

Dessert Goodness, originally uploaded by in2jazz.

I am ready for the holiday baking season when locals will host a baking contest as you can read in these news, halifax news, contest blog posts.  Although, it is a lot of work over these next few weeks, I look forward to this time of year. I have stocked up on all of my baking supplies. The sales have been decent but you have to be careful not too buy too much? How much brown and powdered sugar are you going to use after the holidays? Butter prices creep upward every year. I can remember when you could buy a pound of butter for $.79 around the holidays. I picked up 8 pounds of butter from Costco for about $2.00 per pound. That is about the best deal around plus I do not want to burn up a tank of gas to save a few pennies.
I am staying local for the holidays this year. Of course, my family was not happy about this decision but I really wanted to just take some days off from work, relax, and work on projects around the house. I will attend church on Thanksgiving morning and spend the rest of the day visiting friends that I have not seen in awhile. Good food, good family and friends, and good music are what make my holidays special. We all have so much to be thankful for.
Hope you and yours have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

Feeling Orange

Feeling Orange, originally uploaded by in2jazz.

This is my new orange silicon loaf pan and I made banana bread in it. Being an old school baker, I was a little caution about trying this type of pan. I got it for $10 so I would not feel too bad if I did not like it. Preparation for use is the same as with a steel or aluminum. Place a light coat of cooking spray in the pan before adding the batter. Also, place a cookie sheet under the pan since it will wobble. Amazingly, this pan can handle up to 500 degrees. Notice how the silicon pan expands to accommodate the bread which means it will not rise as high as it would in an aluminum pan. After cooling for a bit, the banana bread came out of the pan very easily. I may have to try out the silicon bundt pan though I am partial to my cast aluminum bundt pans. I added about 10 minutes to my baking time. The bread cooked evenly without any mushy spots.